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MASPA April 2019 Student Photo Contest

Welcome to our April 2019 photo contest! We have a $25 Starbucks gift card for the winner.

Here are the rules: 

-- Send us your best photo from this month, something that in your view expresses what it's like to be at your school during this time. 
-- Needs to be taken during these months. 
-- Doesn't need to have been published yet. 
-- Better to have a candid news photo rather than something posed. 
-- The photographer needs to be on staff of a school publication in Massachusetts. 
-- You can enter no more than twice. 
-- Deadline is midnight on April 30; we'll announce winners on May 5. 
-- To enter, just fill out the quick form below, and send your photo (along with a caption) to 
-- Quick primer on writing a photo caption: Write one sentence in the present tense that describes what's going on in the photo (ideally, not things that are completely obvious). Write a second sentence in past tense that gives background. 

We'll publish the winning photo(s) on the MASPA web site. 

That's it! Enter away. If you have any questions, shoot an email to 
Email your photo, along with a caption, to Include your last name and school on the subject. 

Thanks for entering!