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SOTS Training Weekend Travel Survey- June 2020

Training Weekend Registration & Travel Survey

Please carefully review and complete all fields. All text within this form is important so please don't skip over anything. 

*****This form is due by 11:59pm on May 15, 2020***** 

If flying: 

  • Arriving Flight: I understand that my arrival flight will be into the Detroit Metro Airport (DTW), no later than 2 PM on Friday, June 5th 2020.
  • Returning Flight:  I understand that I may book my flight to leave on Sunday, June 7, 20202 after 2 PM. Shuttles to the airport run continuously from the hotel.  

If driving: I understand that I must arrive at Detroit Airport Marriott, 30559 Flynn Dr, Romulus, MI 48174 no later than 2:00 p.m. EST on Friday, June 5, 2020, and that I will depart Sunday morning. 

Whether flying or driving: Travel arrangements MUST be communicated by May 15, 2020 with no exceptions. It is especially important for early arrivals and cancellations to be communicated by this date.


If you are traveling a great distance and are not able to arrive by the above-listed times on Friday, you may arrive Thursday night. Please contact Claire Dixon ( to notify her that you'll need accommodations on Thursday night. If you plan to arrive early please note all meals are on your own until dinner on Thursday. 

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