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ASTA's Travel Advisor of the Year Award

Travel Advisors do more than just book travel!

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They go to amazing lengths to ensuring their clients have a flawless trip. From helping a family attain last-minute visas to attend a vacation, to assisting with refunds when a personal emergency arises while on vacation...the situations are endless.

Previously known as the "Extra Mile Award", the Travel Advisor of the Year Award is given to an advisor who has in the last 12 months gone the extra mile in a new and creative way that goes above and beyond the normal course of business.

Let us honor you, your colleague or your favorite Travel Advisor for the outstanding service. The winner and two runners-up will be honored on stage at the ASTA Global Convention 2019, August 25-27, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Criteria and How to Apply:
Nominations should be between 300 and 400 words, include the name of the advisor, the name of the travel agency, and contact information of both the nominee and the submitter. You are invited to nominate yourself.

Nominations close June 30th.
Incomplete applications, or applications received after the stated deadline, will not receive consideration.

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