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2019 PCA Conference Proposals

Pennsylvania Counseling Association
Wellness in Counselor’s Professional and Self Identity
Call for Proposal 2019
51st Annual PCA Conference, November 8th, 9th, and 10th @ The Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center; State College, PA
Proposals are due by June 16, 2019.      
Presenter Requirements:

(1) In order for PCA to be able to award CEU’s to conference participants, all proposals must include at least one Master or Doctoral level presenter.

(2)  Individuals may only be listed as a presenter in a maximum of two submissions.

(3)  Presenters are not permitted to solicit services or materials. Those who wish to sell materials must purchase exhibit space and confine promotional efforts to the exhibit area.  

(4)  Incomplete proposals will not be considered. 

(5)  The Lead Presenter must register for the PCA conference by August 16, 2019,

(6)  All Co-Presenters must register for the PCA conference by October 1, 2019.

(7)  Proposal acceptance is provisional pending confirmation of paid registration by all listed presenters.

(8)  Those not registered by the deadline risk removal from the conference program.
1.  Does at least one of the presenters included on this proposal hold a Master Degree or higher?
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5. Would you consider an alternate format? (check all that apply)  *This question is required.
6. Please provide three (3) learning objectives (maximum 750 characters) *This question is required.
10. What delivery method(s) will be used in this presentation (check all that apply)
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