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2019 SEEP Annual Conference - Request for Proposals for Peer Learning Sessions

  1. The form must be complete in order for the session to be considered.
  2. This form must be submitted by May 31.
  3. Please be sure to read the entire Request for Proposals before you submit this form.
  4. Thoroughly review the Presenter Policies.
  5. Contact with any questions you may have.
The Session Chair must be an employee of a SEEP Network member organization in good standing. If you are interested in joining our global network of more than 100+ diverse organizations, we encourage you to apply for membership. If you are unsure of the status of your organization, or if you would like to put your organization's membership in good standing, please contact

S/he is responsible for submitting the session proposal and is the point of contact with SEEP.  S/he does not necessarily need to serve as a moderator or speaker in the session, in which case her/his involvement does not count toward the limit of four contributors per session. However, s/he must register for the conference and attend the session. Important duties of Session Chairs include the following:
  • Communicate with the SEEP Technical Track Lead
  • Ensure that all session speakers are kept informed of the session's development
  • Confirm titles (10 words) and descriptions (100 words) by July 15
  • Confirm their session speakers by July 15
  • Submit speaker bios and headshots by July 15 
  • Ensure that speakers complete the registration process by August 21
PDF Version of this Form Available
For your convenience, please find the pdf version of this form for drafting purposes only. 
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Note: By submitting this form, Session Chairs agree to follow the SEEP Annual Conference Presenter Policies and to share them with prospective speakers.