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A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1002 Quiz 5

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut

1. You are an IT administrator for a large company that is doing very well in their business endeavors. As a result, the company is hiring new employees on a regular basis. In addition to your normal workload, you have been asked to install and configure the new employees' computers with a Windows operating system and the applications your company uses to do their business. To make this process easier, you only give new employees the choice of one of two laptops.

Which of the installation types would make the BEST use of your time installing and configuring these laptops?
2. You are an IT administrator for your company. You have been tasked with the assignment of installing 300 copies of Windows 10. You need to finish this task as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Which of the following boot methods would be the BEST method for installing Windows under these circumstances?
3. You are the owner of a small startup company consisting of only five employees. Each employee has their own computer. Due to the type of services your company offers, you don't foresee the employee count increasing much in the next year or two. As a startup company, you want to keep costs low and facilitate easier file sharing, internet access, printers, and other local network resources.

Which of the following would be the BEST implementation for your business?
4. For which type of device will you typically install the driver before you connect the device to your system?
5. You have a computer with a removable disk drive formatted with NTFS. You want the drive to use FAT32 so it is compatible with more operating systems.

The drive is currently configured using drive letter D:. Which of the following MUST you complete to accomplish this task?
6. Micka, a tech-savvy employee, tried to upgrade her computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 from the internet. Something went wrong during the upgrade, and Micka's computer will no longer boot to Windows. She has brought her computer to the IT department for you to repair.

You have tried to repair the computer, but you are unable to get it to boot to Windows. Which of the following methods would be the QUICKEST way to get Micka's computer back to its original Windows 7 operating system?

7. You are an IT technician for your company. Fred calls you complaining that every time he opens his internet browser, the default home page has been changed to a site he is not familiar with.

You suspect this change is being caused by a malware infection on his system. However, after you run antimalware and antivirus software on Fred's system, it is still having the same issue.

Which of the following would be the next BEST way to remove the malware?

8. Anna, a user, downloaded a free PDF editing application from the internet. Now the laptop constantly displays desktop pop-ups, and several applications won't start.

Anna was the victim of which of the following?
9. A user is unable to read their computer files. A pop-up explains that the files have been encrypted and gives instructions on how to purchase a decryption key.

Which of the following BEST describes this malware?
10. Several users have forwarded you an email stating that your company's health insurance provider has just launched a new website for all employees. To access the site, they are told to click a link in the email and provide their personal information. Upon investigation, you discover that your company's health insurance provider did not send this email.

Which of the following BEST describes the type of attack that just occurred?
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