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Wayfair Sales-Tax Survey

In light of the SCOTUS South Dakota v. Wayfair decision last summer, ICTA is collecting data to better understand what systems coin businesses use to buy and sell and to manage calculating the associated sales taxes, and to learn how these taxes are reported and filed with states.

The following brief survey takes only a few minutes to complete. Your participation would be extremely helpful. All answers are anonymous and strictly confidential. Thank you in advance for your valued participation!
1. How concerned are you about the impact of the interstate sales-tax decision (“Wayfair”) on your  business? *This question is required.
2. What steps, if any, have you taken to comply with Wayfair’s interstate sales-tax requirements? *This question is required.(Mark each that applies.)
3. Where do you transact business? *This question is required.(Mark each that applies.)
4. What types of materials and services do you sell? *This question is required.(Mark each that applies.)
5. Approximately what percentage of your RETAIL transactions are conducted with customers outside the state(s) where your business is located? (This includes sales at out-of-state trade shows, online sales, and phone sales.) *This question is required.