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Film permit application

4. Arrival date and time *This question is required.
This question requires a valid date format of DD/MM/YYYY.
5. Departure date and time *This question is required.
This question requires a valid date format of DD/MM/YYYY.
6. Do you require additional days to bump in and/or bump out?
7. Contingency date(s)
9. Do you have any access requirements e.g bollards or gates to be unlocked outside of standard hours or use of facilities like toilets or changing rooms
10. Number of people on site *This question is required.
12. Set dressing scenery or props, including hero/pictures cars, plants/greens
13. Sensitive activity e.g use or appearance of fake weapons and/or violence, depiction of drug use, actor’s impersonation of police officers or other emergency services or nudity
14. Special effects e.g pyrotechnics, smoke, explosions, rain, snow, haze, or wet down
15. Water access e.g action in/on sea, lake, harbour etc
16. Use of any animals
17. Set construction required
18. Activity on the road e.g. tracking vehicles, moving cars, low loaders
A traffic management plan (TMP) is needed for any activity that inhibits the regular flow of traffic or involves filming within the road reserve. Your TMP must be drawn up by a certified traffic management company and submitted as part of your application. If you are not sure if a TMP would be required for your activity, contact a Screen Auckland Film Facilitator for advice.
19. Types and numbers of essential vehicles and facilities *This question is required.
22. Are you using any specific filming equipment other than a camera and tripod *This question is required.
23. What type of filming equipment will be used in addition to a camera and tripod?
23. Is the drone pilot Part 102 certified?
23. Use of aircraft (other than a drone), such as a helicopter
26. Noise or light disturbance e.g. amplified sound, loud car noises, late night lighting
27. Are there any business or residents that may be affected by your filming activity *This question is required.
If you are letter dropping, please ensure that you have provided a copy to your Film Facilitator to approve and that consultation will be undertaken at least 48 hours prior to your filming date.
28. Please confirm the following: *This question is required.
Space Cell YesNo
You will remove all refuse and recyclables off site
The production will be providing 3 x bin systems with recycling, general waste and organics
Crew will bring their own water bottles and keep cups to refill
The production will use environmentally friendly products (e.g. compostable cups, plates and cutlery)
There will be a person responsible for managing waste and sustainability whilst filming on location
This question requires a valid email address.
32. Contact details *This question is required.
Space Cell NameTelephone NumberEmail
Location Manager/Applicant
Key contact on set
Production Manager
34. Please upload the following supporting documents:
  • Site map
  • Letter drop draft (if applicable)
  • Traffic Management Plan (if applicable)
  • Site specific Health and Safety Plan (including general crew notes)
  • SPFX Methodology (if applicable)
  • Drone operator certifications with variations and insurance (if applicable)
  • Public Liability Insurance certificate (including aviation if using a drone)