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19/20 Nutrien Sustainable Agriculture Youth Trip

Nutrien Sustainable Agriculture Youth Trip

Welcome to the Nutrien Sustainable Agriculture Youth Trip application.

Nutrien has partnered with WE and ME to WE to offer youth interested in food security and sustainable agriculture an opportunity to volunteer in Narok County in Kenya in the Summer of 2020. 

Trip recipients will learn first hand about sustainable development and bring the spirit of global citizenship back to their schools and communities. Nutrien will be covering the cost of flights and on-ground expenses for the youth trip recipients, but youth are responsible to cover other travel and incidental costs.

Apply today and tell us how and why you are passionate about being a change-maker and what you hope to achieve through this trip of a lifetime to Kenya.

Nutrien Sustainable Agriculture Youth Trip recipients will: 
  • Travel to Kenya on a ME to WE trip from August 3-14, 2020.
  • Contribute to sustainable agriculture programming by volunteering in rural WE Villages communities.
  • Develop valuable leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Connect with other young people who are passionate about global issues.
  • Learn about agriculture and food security while working alongside community members and contribute to a sustainable development project using the WE Grow Together and Journey 2050 education resources.
  • Connect with families in rural villages, dive into a vibrant culture, learn Swahili and go on a safari!
  • Meet local students and learn about their day-to-day life in a farm community in Narok County
  • Participate in hands-on workshops and learn about agriculture and food security issues in Kenya, as you experience them yourself.
Immersive Learning Experience
Immerse yourself in one of the world’s most unique cultures: the Maasai. Learn from and work along with youth your own age to mamas and village elders. Experience what it means to walk a mile in their shoes – then compare it with your own background through social-emotional learning. Take these learnings home where you will create a plan to take action on an issue you’re passionate about.

Who can apply? 
Nutrien welcomes applications from youth in communities where they operate. Fourteen (14) youth from Canada, the United States and Trinidad & Tobago will be chosen for this trip of a lifetime.

DETAILS: A total of fourteen (14) applicants from Canada, the United States and Trinidad & Tobago will be chosen for the Trip based on the judging criteria described below. All decisions of the judges will be in their sole discretion and may not be challenged or disputed and are confidential.
Two pools of applicants will be evaluated separately:
  1. General Pool: Nine (9) trips will be awarded to applicants who meet the eligibility requirements outlined in these Official Rules.
  2. Nutrien Pool: Five (5) trips will be awarded to dependants of Nutrien or its affiliates who meet the eligibility requirements outlined in these Official Rules (affiliates include employees of Nutrien, its affiliate companies, and their immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, and children,) and household members).

Eligible applicants must:
  • Be age 13 to 18, at the time of the application deadline. (March 20, 2020)
  • Have a passport that is valid through February 14, 2021, and able to travel internationally
  • Be a resident of Canada, the United States or Trinidad & Tobago
  • Demonstrate a commitment to global issues or community volunteerism
  • Have a special interest in sustainable agriculture
  • Be able to take care of incidental costs, such as travel insurance, vaccinations, transit visas (if applicable) and valid passports 

When do I apply?
Applications will be accepted until 11:59:59pm EST on March 20, 2020.

How many youth will be chosen?
Fourteen youth will be chosen to participate in 2020

Where will trip recipients travel?
In 2020, youth will travel to a WE Villages community in Narok County in Kenya. (Thanks to Nutrien, air travel to and from your nearest airport will be provided.)

When will the trip take place?
- The trip will take place from August 3-14, 2020. (Travel dates subject to departure and arrival times of recipient's location.)

We understand parents are the main decision-makers, and a ME to WE Trip is a big decision for the entire family. That’s why we are transparent, sharing our safety and risk-management practices to ensure that all parental concerns are addressed. More than 6,500 youth have travelled with us across the world to Ecuador, Kenya, China, India, Ghana, Nicaragua and Arizona without incident since 2002. Serious measures and precautions are taken to maintain the safety of each youth participant through the duration of the trip.

Please find more information about our safety protocols here: to the Nutrien Sustainable Agriculture Youth Trip application.