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Hyper-Decisive Assessment Survey

Hyper-Decisive Criteria

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2. Number of employees in your organization
4. Alignment with Mission

My organization's mission is clearly defined, actionable, embraced by all levels of the organization, and is supported, informed, and reinforced by metrics.
5. Transparency & Accountability

General transparency & accountability are accepted as cultural tenets, with full alignment with regulations (e.g. GDPR) and public transparency & accountability beyond minimum legal requirements.
6. Insight creation and execution

Relevant insights are created reliably and consistently across the enterprise with closed loop processes ensuring timely, concerted action.
7. Relationships, Agreements, Politics, Conflict Resolution    

There are established and effective mechanisms for resolving conflicts and identifying potential conflicts ahead of time.
8. Data Literacy

There is widespread semantic understanding across the organization with data literacy measured and managed for improvement.
9. Common Trust in Data/ Governance

Data is treated as truth with common application of data, filters, rules and semantics.
10. Completeness and Diversity of Information

All relevant sources of information are included in analyses across the organization as a matter of course - data, text, images - internal and external, with cross-linking of all data sources streamlined.
11. Process Automation, Embedding

Insight automation and embedding is pervasive - enabling no distraction from core functional activity.
12. Value, Entrepreneurship, and Monetization

The value of data and analytics programs is comprehensively understood and reported, with monetization inline with company policy, legal requirements, fully transparent and reported to CFO, in annual reports, as a strategic part of the business?