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2019 NAAE Awards Judging Volunteer Form

Judging Committee Information

Thank you in your interest in serving on the 2020 AAE Awards Judging Committee. The following awards will be judge virtually: Outstanding Early Career Teacher, Outstanding Agricultural Education Teacher, Outstanding Middle/Secondary Ag Ed Program, Outstanding Postsecondary Agriculture Program and Teacher Mentor. Committee members will need the ability to access a file sharing program like Dropbox. Each committee volunteer must be a NAAE member and will judge up to 10 award applications using the required NAAE Award Judging Rubric that will be provided to you.  NAAE Judging Committee members must submit their scores to the NAAE office by June 30th. A committee member is not allowed to judge a member from their own region. The regional rotation for judging NAAE awards will be used to determine which applications will be judge by the committee members. All questions regarding NAAE Award judging should be directed to Ashley Hood at or Sarah Warren at 
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7. Award Categories you would prefer to judge-CHECK ALL THAT APPLY
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8. Please check if you agree to judge up to 10 NAAE Award applications and submit your scores using the NAAE Awards Judging rubric to the NAAE office by June 30th. *This question is required.