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2019 UnidosUS Workforce Development Forum Call for Proposals

UnidosUS invites workshop proposal submissions for its 2019 Workforce Development Forum:

Latinos @ Work: Developing Talent for Today and Tomorrow.

About Forum

The UnidosUS Workforce Development Forum offers a platform for stakeholders from across the country to brainstorm and identify strategies for strengthening the Latino and immigrant workforce. This year’s Forum will provide a unique opportunity to discuss how we can prepare our community to access the jobs of today and thrive in the jobs of tomorrow.

The Forum will also provide an opportunity for thought leaders from across the business, government, and nonprofit sectors to network with and learn from each other, so that we can continue working to identify and implement solutions to the challenges faced by the Latino and immigrant workforce.

Proposal Instructions

Please review the below information regarding the 2019 WFD Forum Workshops and continue with the form once ready to submit your proposal. Proposals can only be submitted through this electronic form and contain the following sections. We recommend you prepare responses before inputting them, as this form does not offer a "save" functionality. 
  • Workshop Category
  • Workshop Title (10 words or fewer)
  • Workshop Presenter Contact Information
  • Workshop Summary (75 words or fewer)
  • Workshop Description
    • What is the main goal and message of the workshop? (250 words or fewer)
    • What are the three main learning outcomes for participants?  (250 words or fewer)
    • Does your workshop highlight a program or practice that can be replicated or have implications for systems change? (250 words or fewer)
    • What is the format/structure of the workshop? What strategies will be used to facilitate participant engagement/interaction? (250 words or fewer)
    • At the end of the session, what tools will participants walk away with (e.g., new skills, resources, information, handouts)?(250 words or fewer)

Please submit workshop proposals via this form by Friday, May 31, 2019, 11:59 PM EST. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by June 26, 2019 and must register for the Forum by July 22, 2019, in order to proceed with their workshops. Presenters will be able to register at the early bird rate of $325 (UnidosUS Affiliates) or $450 (non-Affiliate). For any questions regarding workshop proposals, please contact Leanne Ryder, Program Manager, at

For more information about Forum, visit our website:  
Workshop Categories

Based on input from national partners and feedback from previous Forum evaluations, UnidosUS has identified the following workshop categories for the 2019 Forum. Organizations are encouraged to present workshops in one of the categories listed below.  If your idea does not fit into one of the categories, please note it in your application.
  • Taking your Program to the Next Level
Immigrant and Latino serving organizations are exploring innovative new models to provide services to their clients, including blended learning, contextualized or vocational ESL, partnerships with higher education institutions, competency-based models, and offering stackable credentials as a pathway to middle-skills jobs. Workshops in this Category will showcase the effective implementation of successful program models that advance education and training for members of our communities and support their transition into jobs with long-term growth potential.
  • The Future of Work
Automatization and other technological advancements are changing the landscape of many industries across the nation. Workshops in this Category will focus on programs that are implementing creative adaptations to prepare community members with the skills and tools that they will need to succeed in a rapidly changing workplace.
  • Innovative Employment Opportunities 
Entrepreneurship, small business development, apprenticeship, on-the-job training, worker cooperatives, transitional employment, and the gig economy are all nontraditional avenues that support job creation and contributions to the U.S. economy. Workshops in this Category will help the audience understand how they can create programs that are alternative to the traditional career-pathways model.
  • Integrated Service Delivery 
Many of today’s workers and their families face multiple barriers to gainful employment and financial prosperity. Organizations that provide a range of holistic services under one roof, either through a multi-generational approach or an otherwise integrated manner, can better meet the needs of their clients. Workshops in this Category will exemplify service integration models that simplify and facilitate client access to benefits and services, such as: early childhood education, financial capability, housing, transportation, mental and behavioral health services, and legal services.
  • Workforce Programs and Policy Solutions
Workforce development encompasses numerous programs and funding streams guided by a wide range of local, state, and federal agencies and policies. Workshops in this Category will spotlight how policy solutions have addressed system fragmentation, improved employer engagement, and closed gaps in services for Latino and immigrant workers. Workshops in the Category will also touch upon strategies to expand and replicate programs via blended funding streams, fee-for-service models, and using data to garner program support.   
About Forum Workshops
  • Workshops will be 75 minutes in length. 
  • Each workshop has space for 40–50 participants. 
  • We encourage workshop presenters to collaborate with partners and peer organizations in their proposals. 
  • Forum attendees include front-line staff (case managers, job developers, instructors) and management staff (program managers/directors). All workshops should be geared towards both audiences.  
  • UnidosUS is interested in workshops that are interactive, innovative, and create spaces for deep discussion.
Room Setup and Audiovisual Equipment Requests 

Accepted workshops will receive the following: 
  • Classroom or theatre room setup 
  • One head table with four chairs and two tabletop microphones 
  • One LCD projector on a skirted cart (does not include laptop or computer) 
  • One screen 
  • Standard workshop signage 
Please note that workshop presenters will be responsible for bringing their own laptops, if needed.

Due to space limitations, we cannot accommodate any resets, changes, or additions to workshop space and audiovisual package other than any accommodations agreed upon proposal acceptance. Changes that we cannot accommodate include, but are not limited to, the following: 
  • Internet access 
  • Additional tables for materials 
  • Riser for head table 
  • Pipe and drape to hang banners or other promotional signs 
  • Additional audiovisual that does not fall under the standard package (please outline any additional equipment you may need below) 
  • Food and beverage