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Educa Champion Confirmation

Becoming A Champion

Thank you for applying, we hope to make it a rewarding experience for you!
Before we get started, let's make sure we are on the same page. Here are our expectations – for you, and for us.

As an Educa Champion you will:
  • Work towards becoming an Educa expert and stay up to date.
  • Use this knowledge to make the most of Educa in our service and to train my peers.
  • Attend at least two workshops a year.
  • Actively support Educa when opportunities arise – providing product feedback and joining discussions on social media.

In return, Educa will:

  • Run regular workshops on various aspects of Educa.
  • Provide exclusive PD workshops, including how to implement your Educa knowledge.
  • Give you an insider’s look at new ideas and changes and we will listen to your feedback.
  • Host a private  Facebook group where you and like-minded champions can share ideas and best practice.
  • Do our best to make it fun, including adding in a few rewards along the way.
We love the passion of our early educators have for improving their practice and want to share that whenever possible. To do that,  we need you to confirm the statement below. 
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