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Kings MHSA Annual Update Survey

Welcome to the Kings MHSA Annual Update Survey!

Kings County Behavioral Health (KCBH) provides comprehensive mental health services to residents of Kings County regardless of ability to pay. KCBH provides several different types of programs and services to address mental health needs of residents, including:
  • Wraparound and clinical services for adults with serious mental health issues
  • Wraparound services for children and youth
  • School-based services
  • Early intervention for children and youth
  • Suicide prevention
  • Senior socialization
KCBH is working with Resource Development Associates ("RDA") to assist in preparing and submitting an MHSA (Mental Health Services Act) Annual Update report to the State of California regarding the mental health needs of Kings County residents. We are conducting this survey across Kings County to understand how well KCBH’ programs, services, and activities meet the community’s mental health needs and what KCBH can do to improve its services.

We will be using the anonymous information you provide to inform the community needs assessment portion of the MHSA Annual Update as well as the improvements to mental health services the County ultimately decides upon. The Annual Update will be submitted to the State of California to track, evaluate, and communicate the statewide impact of mental health programs.

This survey is anonymous. Only RDA will see your response and they will combine your response with others' responses to inform the community needs assessment.

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