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2019 Symposium Event Evaluation

BCRPA Symposium 2019 Event Evaluation

Many thanks for being part of the Symposium 2019 in Whistler, and contributing to its success.

We would like to hear about your thoughts and experience.  This will help us plan our 2020 program, and will serve to ensure the conference remains relevant, worthwhile and enjoyable.

Please complete the evaluation by Monday, June 3rd; you will be entered for a chance to win one of three $100 gift cards to MEC.
Your responses will remain confidential and will be analyzed only in aggregate and without any identifying information. All responses are for planning purposes only. Just as responses last year inspired the education and social enrichment of the experience you just had at Symposium 2019, so your response will impact our 2020 hallmark event.

Questions with an * are required to complete the evaluation.
1. What aspects of Symposium motivated you to attend? (select all that apply) *This question is required.
2. Symposium met my expectations. *This question is required.
3. Did Symposium provide you with immediate takeaways that you can apply in your work or career?  *This question is required.