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PSE SEIU Local 1948 - West Valley SNAP 2019 Bargaining Survey

PSE SEIU Local 1948 - West Valley SNAP 2019 Bargaining Survey

Hello PSE of West Valley SNAP Member!  As you know, our Union is in a full-contract negotiation year with the District!  In order for your PSE Contract Negotiations Team to prepare for this year’s bargaining, we need to collect some feedback from our members.  Please complete the survey below to help your Negotiation Team make our contract stronger than ever before!  Thank you for your participation and support!  Together We Rise!
1. Please fill in your contact information below (optional):
This question requires a valid email address.
2. Please indicate your degree of satisfaction in the following contractual provisions and changes you would like to see in the next contract.  
Space Cell ExcellentGoodFairPoor
Personal Leave
Bereavement Leave
Sick Leave
Grievance Procedure
Insurance Plans
Insurance Costs
Overall Contract
4. In your opinion, what is the most important issue you would like to see addressed? 

Please rank the following list in order of importance to you. Select number 1 beside the item that is most important to you, 2 beside the second most important, and continue until each item is ranked with the least important ranked as 4. Use each number only once. Note: for the following table each column is restricted to a single answer across all rows.
5. Training Opportunities
Space Cell Strongly AgreeAgreeNot SureDisagree
Training on certain core skills should be required for the job, including specific training with a mentor
We should have expanded training opportunities.
I currently have access to training opportunities.
The training I’ve received has been recognized at work.
I am interested in continuing education opportunities (apprenticeship program)
7. Respect on the Job
Space Cell Strongly AgreeAgreeNot SureDisagree
I feel respected at work.
My working conditions are safe.
My supervisor treats me fairly.
I regularly work more than my contracted hours.
9. Count Me In!

Winning a good contract takes hard work. We’ve made huge improvements by getting active and educating lawmakers about the important work we do. Which of the following can we count on you to do?

If you’d like to step up, please make sure to fill out your contact information at the beginning of the survey.