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Join the Wood Dale community-wide initiative for finding the right name for the new Nature Activity Building coming to White Oaks Park. In recognition of this exciting project, the Park Board is asking the community to help name the Nature Activity Building.
The Nature Activity Building will be part of White Oaks Park.
The building will be home to:
  • Nature and Outdoor Programming and activities
  • NEDSRA (special recreation association) and school district use
  • Rentals and small gatherings, birthday parties, corporate meetings, and public training's
  • Activity space dividable for diverse use
Name submissions should capture the planned uses for the building and the building design and character as well as the mission of the Wood Dale Park District, “Serving the community with quality recreational experiences that provide a fun and healthy lifestyle.”
The submission name must be 25-characters or less. For example, Recreation Complex has 18 characters including the space between "Recreation Complex".
Please submit names using this online survey or at the Wood Dale Park District Front Desk. If you would like to elaborate on your name submission, please include a brief explanation of how the name matches the criteria.
Please submit your name(s) between April 22 – May 31, 2019.
We appreciate your creativity, input and involvement with this project! If you have any questions please contact the Wood Dale Park District at 630-595-9333.