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Needham Park Preliminary Concept Feedback

1. In general, which concept do you prefer? (refer to concept plans on blogpost)
2. Select the attributes you prefer in both concepts
Space Cell Like
1. Benches, swing benches, and picnic tables throughout park providing a variety of places to sit
2. Learning Circle in woodland for community gatherings, freeplay in a natural setting, and a field trip location within walking distance of McLendon Elementary School
3. Streambank stabilization + erosion control, installation of energy dissipator on McLendon stormwater outfall.
4. Restoration and enhancement of native habitat through invasive plant removal
5. Planting new future canopy trees and care for young saplings to maintain forest canopy
6. Upgrade/extend existing bridge to provide safer access and protect streambank/tree roots
7. Improved access via an ADA-compliant parking space and turn-around area (surfaced with permeable paving) at base of Needham Drive
8. Improved drainage and clearing of overgrowth on Needham Drive, to provide safe access & increased visibility
9. New signs at McLendon and Needham Drive park entrances to improve awareness of the park
10. Perimeter plantings to define park boundaries and provide privacy screening to adjacent properties
11. Improve circulation throughout the park with ADA-compliant + permeable surfaces on trails, plus  an additional smaller bridge near McLendon to create a loop trail around the park.
3. Select the attributes you prefer in Concept 1 (you'll have a chance to do the same for Concept 2 below)
Space Cell Like
New entrance into park from McLendon, with ADA-compliant ramp, providing access to lower bridge and picnic area in woodland
Platform and boardwalk ramp over wet area at end of existing bridge, providing gathering spot, seating and ADA-compliant path to McLendon Drive
On-street parking spaces on Needham Drive
Single soft-surface loop trail through woodland side of park
Crosswalk at new entrance on McLendon with rapid-flash beacons
Erosion repair at McLendon stormwater outfall, divert outfall in pipe to downstream location
Backfill current outfall erosion gully to allow for walking path across this area
6. Select the attributes you prefer in Concept 2?
Space Cell Like
New entrance into park from McLendon, with stairs
Permeable gathering area with ramp to existing bridge
ADA-compliant path to gathering circle on north side of stream
No on-street parking spaces on Needham Drive
Primary and secondary soft-surface loop trails throughout woodland side of park
Crosswalk on McLendon at Tanner, with rapid-flash beacons
Repair of McLendon stormwater outfall in current location