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2019 APRIL Conference Workshop Proposal

APRIL 2019 Workshop Proposal 25th Annual Anniversary Conference "Power of Rural"

Please submit your workshop proposal for the Annual APRIL Conference below. This year our theme is "Power of Rural". Join us as we celebrate our conference being 25 and Thriving.
We will accept workshop proposals highlighting your emerging and best practices for serving people with disabilities in your communities and managing your IL organization until July 31, 2019.  We will have both 1 hour slots and 90 minute slots available. Please indicate if you have a preference.

Topics of interest that we will prioritize include:
  • creative and emerging practices for serving your RURAL locations
  • professional development for front line staff (managing volunteers, building and sustaining programs, IL consumer documentation, IL Skills training facilitation tips, implementing Youth services,  implementing peer support programs, implementing nursing home transition programs, social media outreach, disability specific laws and regulations, community organizing and outreach tools....)
  • one slot per block will be saved for a SILC/Boards presentation and Youth Consumer presentation
7. Have you Presented this workshop before? 
10. My workshop will include the following (Check all that apply)
11. Please check or indicate all the “special AV” requests your workshop would require (note that all rooms are provided 2 wireless mics and a screen and projector for their presentations ONLY unless special requests are made below):
12. My Workshop would be MOST appropriate for the following audience:                                            
15. By Submitting this proposal I agree and understand the following:

My presentation must be easily made accessible to all. Examples include: Videos including captioning, Pictures are audio described or descriptions are provided ahead of time, large print and rich text format or accessible PDF of any hard copy handouts or materials that will be distributed are made available at the presentation. I may also be contacted by APRIL staff if additional materials are needed from my session to accommodate specific accommodation requests as needed such as materials to be Brailed or prep materials for CART. If I need assistance or have questions about access, I may contact 

I or my CIL/SILC or other organization are responsible for covering my travel expenses to the conference.

If I am planning on presenting at the conference, I must also register as a participant.

I understand that I am volunteering my peer expertise for the benefit of the APRIL Conference attendees

I am responsible for providing my own laptop or finding someone to share with if I need one for my presentation.

I understand that any powerpoints or handouts that will be distributed during my presentation must be submitted to APRIL for availability on the website/electronic distribution no later than Oct. 1, 2019.

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