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Bellevue Arts Museum Docent Application 2019

BAM Docent Application

Thank you for applying to the Bellevue Arts Museum Docent Program! Before your interview, we'd like to get to know you better. Please fill out all fields completely, using correct spelling and grammar. After this survey is submitted, a BAM staff member will contact you to schedule an interview.

1. Your Name
This question requires a valid email address.
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
5. How did you hear about the BAM Docent Program? *This question is required.
6. Do you speak any languages other than English? If so, what is your proficiency level? 
Space Cell LanguageProficiency level
11. Technology: Use of technology is a critical skill required during the training. Please indicate your comfort level with the following tasks (not familiar but will learn/a little familiar with/comfortable/expert)

If you are not familiar with or are uncomfortable with any of the technology requirements, please ensure that you self-educate before the start of classes.
*This question is required.
Space Cell Not familiar with, but I will find out how to do thisA little familiar with, and will make sure I know how to do thisComfortableExpert/Proficient
Playing videos from the internet
Performing Internet searches (Bing, Google search, etc.)
Using an online calendaring system (e.g. Google calendar)
Opening, responding to, and writing email
Uploading and downloading an attachment from the internet or email
Use of Word/Pages to type information and insert photos
Converting Word/Pages into a PDF
Updating your computer with appropriate software (plug-ins, updates, etc.)
12. Interview Availability: We will schedule you for a 45 minute in-person interview with the training team at the Museum. Please indicate ALL dates & times that would work well for you. The earlier, the better! *This question is required.
13. Please confirm that you have thoroughly read the program requirements and reviewed the training dates.
This information is listed in our Program Overview found here *This question is required.