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Conscious Use of Power 2019 Application

Welcome to your Application to attend the
Inner Activist Conscious Use of Power course, September 23-28, 2019.

Please read the following information before filling out your application.

Application Process

We invite everyone interested in attending courses at the Inner Activist to submit an application form. Each application is considered with confidentiality, care and respect by our selection panel. All information in this application is kept completely confidential and will never be shared outside this panel and process. The panel includes experienced professionals and leaders in change work. While we would like to invite everyone who applies to register for our courses, due to limited spots we unfortunately cannot accept everyone. Please review the following selection criteria before you submit your application.

Criteria for selection

  • Demonstration of interest in exploring the intersections of personal development work and social/environmental justice.
  • ​​​The unique perspectives, skills and life experiences (such as engagement/work in community, experience of multiple barriers, being a member of underrepresented or marginalized group) you bring to the program that supports our commitment to increasing access to diverse communities.
  • Willingness and capacity to contribute to create safe group spaces for learning.

Tuition Model and Financial Support

We recognize that access to financial resources is one of many of the struggles change agents may face. We are committed to increasing access to our program by helping to access resources through your personal and professional networks as well as the networks at the Inner Activist.

We have a 3-tiered tuition model to meet people where they are at. Our model provides an opportunity for our community to share the responsibility of creating equitable access with us. For instance, those who can support themselves and also others,  have the opportunity to do so by choosing our "supporter" tuition option.

Full bursaries are available upon individual request. Bursary funds are provided to support a range of communities and expand the reach of Inner Activist programs to more individuals and groups working for social and environmental justice.
Please be aware that full bursaries are limited.

Please note that you must first apply online for the course before you email a request for full bursary.

Before you begin 

On page two of this application, you will see the option to "Save and Continue Later" in a gray bar at the top of the page. If you would like to save your application and return to it at a later date, please click on that bar and enter your email address. You will be sent a link to your application so that you may complete and submit it at a later date.


Completed applications for Conscious Use of Power must be received by 5:00pm PDT, Friday August 30th, 2019.

The Registrar will advise applicants of the results of their application within one week after the application is received.

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