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Cloud Fax Calculator 1.0

Cloud Fax Calculator

OVERVIEW:  Most customers have an existing fax number such as 785.650.1234.  It is connected to an existing fax machine that sends and receives faxes one at a time.  When moving existing fax lines to the Cloud, a couple of things are different.  First of all, your number will stay the same but will transition from a physical line to a virtual number.  Second, the faxes that are sent and received will be electronically transmitted from your location to the Cloud, then sent out and back via the Public Switched Telephone Network.  Finally, instead of retrieving paper faxes from the machine upon arrival, the customer will received them in via a software client, where they can then be transferred or e-mailed to the intended user.
(This is the number of fax transmissions that can be sent and received at the same time) This question requires a valid number format.
(This is the number of users that you wish to have the PC software client installed on) This question requires a valid number format.