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NYS Crime Analyst Certification 1 Exam Registration

Registration for Crime Analyst Certification Exam

The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Office of Public Safety, offers a Certification Exam Level 1 for Crime Analysts.   The exam is open to anyone interested in the field of Crime Analysis.  Whether you are working as an analyst, a college student, or looking to enter the field, this exam will support your professional development.  Being certified by New York State illustrates that you have a comprehension of basic crime analysis skills. 

The certification is approved by the NYS Municipal Police Training Council and managed by the Crime Analysis Center Program. 

Details on time and location of the exam will be provided to registrants prior to the exam date.  Please ensure you provide a correct, working email address in order to receive information.

Space is limited for each exam and will be provided on a first to sign up basis.  Dates will be removed once we max out each posted date.   We ask that you be courteous to those who want to take the exam and do not hold a spot if you are not planning to show up.  No "walk ins" are permitted.  Please make sure that if you do sign up, that you fill the following form out in it's entirety.   

For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact Anthony D'Abruzzo, Training Coordinator, or (518) 457-7325.

FAQ’s on Certification

Why does the State of New York certify Crime Analysts?

New York, through the Crime Analysis Center Program, is invested in the field of crime analysis to make it one of the safest states in the country.  NY offers this certification to promote standardization and professionalism in the field of crime analysis.

Is this a Civil Service exam for a position of Crime Analyst?

This exam is not administered by the Department of Civil Service, and is not for any specific position.  This exam does not guarantee you a job.

Do I need this certification to work as a crime analyst in New York State?

Certification is required for analysts that are funded through the GIVE initiative within one year of appointment.  It is not required for any other positions, but strongly recommended.

What type of exam is it?
A 100-point multiple choice test with a 3 hour time limit.

What is a passing grade?
A minimum score of 70%.

When will I receive results?
Exams taken electronically will have the results at the end of the exam.  If you take a paper exam, results will take up to 4 weeks to be returned.   Certificates will be emailed out in 1-3 weeks after the exam.

Will I receive a Certificate?
Certificates will be emailed to the email address provided in the form.  Please ensure it is correct.

Is there a cost to the exam?
No.  This exam is free to take.

Is there a Crime Analyst Certification Level 2 Exam?

Currently, there is not an exam for Level 2.  NYS is developing it’s criteria for Level 2 Certification.

How often is the exam held?

This exam is being held as various times and locations around the state during the year.  Please check the DCJS Calendar for times and dates.

If a date was posted in advance and not available on the list to select, that date has been filled.

What if I want to take the exam, but cannot make one of the posted exam dates?

Please email Anthony.D’ to make arrangements to take the exam at a different time.

I registered for the exam, when will I receive more information?

A confirmation email with directions will be sent out one week prior to the exam.

I registered for the exam and cannot make it.  How do I cancel my registration?

Please email Anthony.D’ to cancel.  

What does the exam cover?

The Exam covers the following topics:
  • Crime Analysis Basics
  • Integrity of Information
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Relational Databases/Electronic Data Manipulation
  • Conducting Temporal Analysis
  • Conducting Spatial Analysis
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Evidence-Based Policing
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Crime Statistics
  • Utilizing Applied Research Methods
  • Effective Analytical Writing
What should I use to study?

Here is a list of recommended readings:
  1. Exploring Crime Analysis: Readings on Essential Skills 3rd Ed
  2. Crime Analysis With Crime Mapping 3rd Ed. by Rachel Boba Santos
  3. Intelligence-Led Policing by Jerry Ratcliffe

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