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2019 Real BI Attendee Survey

2019 Real Business Intelligence Conference

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2. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the Real Business Intelligence event
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Overall event
Networking opportunities
Conference facilities
Event website and communications
Sponsor gallery
Location - Cambridge, MA
3. Please rate your satisfaction with the speakers and sessions
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Welcome, Agenda Goals and Plans, Howard Dresner / Bill Hostmann
Data Entrepreneurship, Prof. Bill Aulet, MIT
Dresner Research Insight Capsules, Elizabeth, Chris and Brian (Dresner Advisory Analysts)
The Age of Augmented Intelligence: Work, Data, Trust, Bias, Keri Brooke, Salesforce
Civil society and big data: Is the revolution going to happen? , Mari Kuraishi, Founder GlobalGiving
Data, AI and Humans: A New Perspective, Dr. Iyad Rahwan, MIT
Expert Panel, Jim Ericson and Platinum Sponsors
Learning to Read: A Tale in Data Literacy, David Dadoun, Aldo Group
Business Intelligence as a Product Feature (Data Monetization), Dr. Barb Wixom, MIT Center for Information Systems Research
Women in Technology Breakfast, Sylvia Acevedo, Girl Scouts, Sponsored by Salesforce
The Girl Scouts Experience Powered by Data Analytics , Sylvia Acevedo, Girl Scouts
Theory — What to do when there is no data about the future, Efosa Ojomo, Christensen Institute
Data and Analytics: The Journey from Foundation to Artificial intelligence, Dr. Benson Hsu, Sanford Health
Analytics-Based Enterprise Performance Management Gary Cokins
Dresner Research – Review of Hyper-Decisive Findings
Building a Constant Learning Culture, Ankur Gopal, Interapt
User Expert Panel, Allison Ryder, MIT Sloan Management Review, Moderator
4. How important were the following factors in your decision to attend?
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Speakers & Topics
Networking Opportunities
Meet fellow attendees
Meet faculty
5. What is your preference for conference housing?
6. Would you attend again?
11. We are actively considering having the 2020 Business Intelligence conference back here at MIT next year during the first week of May. What's your opinion?