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Charbonneau Facilities Improvement Project Community Survey


The Charbonneau Country Club Board of Directors needs your help to make decisions about how the Clubhouse and adjacent facilities can best meet the needs of the current and future community.

The purchase of the restaurant – temporarily referred to as the Annex – could provide additional space for services, events and amenities. But there are tradeoffs to consider. That’s why the Board wants to hear from you before moving forward with any plans.

This community survey will help us understand how you currently use the Clubhouse and make decisions about how to utilize the additional space provided by the Annex.

Please complete the survey by Wednesday, May 15.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.
Your privacy is important to us.

To ensure we hear from as many residents as possible, the information and opinions you share will not contain or be linked to any information that personally identifies you. This includes your name, e-mail address and mailing address. Instead, your answers will be linked to an anonymous ID number. 

Tell us a little about you. 
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Your information will not be shared or used for marketing purposes.
1. How many years have you lived in Charbonneau?
2. How many adults at these ages live in your household?
3. How many children at these ages live in your household?
4. What is your current employment status?
5. Please select all that apply.
6. Please select all that apply.
As we explained in our introduction to this survey, in order to provide space for more services, amenities and events, the Charbonneau Board of Directors is considering options for renovating or demolishing and rebuilding the restaurant building and creating a Clubhouse extension.
7. What Clubhouse activities and amenities do you participate in? (Check all that apply)
8. On average, how often do you participate in activities and services at the Clubhouse?
10. How do you learn about activities and services at the Clubhouse? (Check all that apply)
11. Are there activities or services that you would like to see at the Clubhouse? 
12. Please rate the following Clubhouse facilities and amenities.
Space Cell PoorFairGoodVery goodExcellentDon't know
Meeting space
Interior appearance
Noise levels
Internet access and technology
Comfortable furnishings
13. Overall, how satisfied are you with the activities and services offered at the Clubhouse?
15. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements.
Space Cell AgreeSomewhat agreeSomewhat disagreeDisagreeDon't know
The Clubhouse is a valuable community asset.
Charbonneau needs to be attractive to all of the age groups that live here.
I think that the value of my property is linked to the community and amenities offered.
I think that the value of my property is linked to Charbonneau having a golf course.
The Village Shopping Center should be revitalized.
Charbonneau needs to attract new residents.
Charbonneau is good just the way it is and shouldn’t change.
16. Please select the top three considerations you would like the Board to make when making decisions about the Annex. 
17. How would you like to receive information about the project? (check all that apply)
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