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Emotional Experience in OCD

Informed Consent

RESEARCH PROJECT: The Emotional Experience of Individuals with OCD

Principal Investigator: Mary Plisco, Ph.D. Richmont Graduate University

To be read and signed by Participant

I understand that this statement explains the study in which I am being asked to participate.  I understand that I should read it thoroughly and carefully before agreeing to participate by signing at the end of this from.  If I have any questions, I may have them answered before I sign this statement of informed consent.

  1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this research is to evaluate the emotional experience of individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Understanding the factors that guide individuals in identifying and describing their emotional experience will facilitate the development of targeted interventions aimed at improving the identified obstacles to both experiencing and expressing emotions in an adaptive manner. 
  1. VOLUNTARY: My participation in this research is voluntary.  If I decide not to participate, there will be no penalty.  If I do participate, I am free to withdraw from the research project at any time without penalty. Withdrawing from the research project will not impact me in anyway.
  1. BENEFITS: There may be no direct benefit to me in the research.
  1. EVALUATION: As part of my participation in this study, I will complete several assessment instruments related to 1) my emotional experiences in a 24-hour period, 2) my emotional reactivity, 3) my emotion regulation strategies, 4) doubt, and 5) my OCD symptoms. These assessments will be administered one time through an online database encompassing all measures. I may discuss my results with the researcher at any time. The completion of the measures is expected to take approximately 30-45 minutes.
  1. PROCEDURE: This study consists of an online survey that will take approximately 30-45 minutes. The survey will occur at one time.
  1. RISKS: One anticipated risk in participating in this study is that it will take some of time. Additionally, some of the questions may stir up unpleasant feelings.  If these are of concern to me, I will address them with the researcher and she will provide support or direction to me as needed. 
  1. CONFIDENTIALITY: My name will not appear in any publication or be released to anyone without my written consent. My IP address is not tracked to protect my anonymity and the survey has SSL encryption. My name will not be attached to any questionnaires, only my research identification number. All information collected about me will be stored in locked filing cabinets or computers with security passwords. Only the research investigators (with training in confidentiality practices) will have access to your information.
  1. OTHER INFORMATION: I am free to inquire about any aspect of my participation that I do not understand. Should I have any questions or concerns about his study, I understand that I may contact Dr. Mary Plisco at Richmont Graduate University at 404-835-6135.

*I understand that by continuing with this online questionnaire, I am not giving up any legal rights. By continuing, I consent to participate in this research project by completing the requested questionnaire. *