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HiNZ 2019 Volunteer Application Form

HiNZ Conference Volunteer Application Form

HiNZ Volunteers are university students who work for HiNZ during the conference in return for a free registration pass. To apply to be a HiNZ Volunteer, please answer the following questions:
Are you a student member of Health Informatics New Zealand (HiNZ)? *This question is required.
Please note:
To be eligible to apply to be a conference volunteer, you must be a current HiNZ student member. It is free to join when you are a student.  To find out more about the benefits of HiNZ membership please click here. Or join now.

Questions? Please ask Gloria at
In return for being gifted a free 3-day conference member pass worth $1198, volunteers are required to be in Hamilton from 12noon on Tuesday 19 November (to pack delegate bags) and for the 3 day HiNZ Conference which finishes at 1pm on Friday 22 November. Please note that this free pass does not include travel to/from Hamilton, nor accommodation expenses. 

Are you able to commit to being in Hamilton for these four days of the conference (from 12noon Tuesday 19 November to 1pm on Friday 22 November 2018, inclusive)? *This question is required.
10. Have you previously been a HiNZ conference volunteer? *This question is required.