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YWLP Big Sister Application


Thank you so much for choosing to apply to be a mentor with the Young Women Leaders Program to mentor 7th and 8th grade girls. YWLP has proudly been serving the students, families and staff in the Charlottesville and Albemarle County Public Schools for over 25 years. We look forward to reviewing your application and speaking with you about why you would like to become a mentor and support our young leaders! 
YWLP is sponsored by the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center and the School of Education and Human Development.

Time Commitment: The time commitment for YWLP mentors is approximately 6-8 hours/week. This includes the Monday Class, EDHS 2891 (3:30PM-6:00PM), Group Meetings on Wednesday or Thursday at the middle school (2.5 hours), and any other preparation needed for the class or group meetings. Big Siblings will also attend our mandatory Orientation on Monday, August 21, 2023 from 1:00-5:00pm.

To learn more about the Men’s Leadership Project, a mentoring program for UVA mentors (big brothers) and middle school boys, visit their website here.

Apply now for the 2023-2024 year now!
Application Deadline: Wednesday, March 1st


Important notes about the application:

*Time Frame: Please set aside approximately 20-25 minutes to complete the application. For ease of completion, the "save and continue later" feature is available at the top right corner of the application. You will be asked to provide an email address which will forward a link for you to access your application later. If you do not receive a link email for help.

*References Required: Be prepared to provide 3 character references. A character reference should be someone who is not related to you and can speak to your performance in a (paid or unpaid) working environment, or a school environment (classroom, college extra-curricular activities, but not a roommate or friend). You'll want to plan to ask for permission from references prior to completing your application.

The application process consists of 4 parts:  
1) This Application 
2) Time Commitment Contract Survey 
3) In-person (or Zoom) Interview with a YWLP Team Member
4) A background check

Questions about the application or application process? Send us an email at and one of our team members will send you the information you need.

Diversity Statement
A diverse University of Virginia community provides every member respect and a safe place for understanding our differences as well as our similarities. Fostering the safety, dignity, and respect of women and girls is central to the mission of the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center. We believe that an environment that welcomes and supports people of different backgrounds, beliefs, ages, identities, ethnicities, and worldviews best accomplishes these goals. At the Women’s Center, we actively engage in discussions about social change and bias, challenging our assumptions and exchanging ideas. We invite others to join us in these discussions at our events, in our classes, and by social media. We encourage students from a variety of backgrounds and identities to apply to the Young Women Leaders Program.

Advocacy and Self-care
The work required in YWLP can be emotionally demanding. YWLP staff provide reminders about managing stress in a youth-focused environment, including discussion of beneficial self-care strategies and appropriate ways to integrate them into your work as a mentor. Mentors are highly encouraged to, and supported in, developing proactive strategies for identifying, addressing, and managing such stress.

Contact and Background Information
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