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Planning for Growth in Gilmer County

Why should you take this survey?

Gilmer County and the cities of Ellijay and East Ellijay are working together to complete a comprehensive plan.  This plan will help guide growth and development within Gilmer County over the next five years.  Your county commissioners, mayors and councilpersons are partnering with members of your community to determine the needs and opportunities of each of the cities and county.  In order for your community's leadership to create an effective plan, they need your opinion.  Communities with effective comprehensive plans are often the most competitive for state and federal grants as a result of their diligent planning efforts.  Grant funds help to solve issues and improve the quality of life for the citizens, business owners and employees of the community that may not otherwise be in the local government's budget.  Gilmer County also wants to ensure that the future growth of the county and cities is both sustainable and beneficial to the new and current members of the community.  Your anonymous opinion on the following questions will be given earnest consideration as we plan for Gilmer County's future. 
1. What is your connection to Gilmer County, Ellijay or East Ellijay? (Select only one)
3. What age group are you within? (Select only one)
4. What kind of growth would you like to see in your community?  (Select all that apply)
5. What type of housing do you think your community needs most?  (Select all that apply)
6. What style of new housing development would best suit your community?  (Select all that apply)
7. What type of recreation would you like to see more of in your community?  (select all that apply)
8. Do you have internet access at your home and/or place of business in Gilmer County?  (Select only one)
9. Agrilculture has played a significant role in Gilmer County's history and continues to generate more than $200,000,000 annually to the local economy.  How do you feel about the future of agriculture in Gilmer County?  (Select all that apply)
10. What do you consider the greatest threat to your community?  (Select all that apply)
11. Approximately one out of four citizens of Gilmer County are over 65 years of age, do you believe that the senior citizen tax exemption unfairly shifts the tax burden to the younger citizens of Gilmer County? (select only one)