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CASE Institute Host Application 2020

CASE Institute Application

Please review the CASE Institute Host Planning Guide prior to completing this application.

All prospective affiliate institutions must be able to provide the following if they are chosen as a host site:
  • Classroom and laboratory facilities with appropriate equipment including:
    • Vernier equipment and sensors
    • Table-style classroom seating for group projects
    • Wet laboratory including sinks
    • Compound and dissecting microscopes
    • Glassware, such as beakers, graduated cylinders, and test tubes
    • Heating devices, such as burners, hot plates, and microwave
    • Electrical access for 110 volt power
    • Power strips for participant laptop computers
    • Measurement instruments, such as electronic balances
    • Internet access for all Lead Teachers and participants
    • Appropriate and sufficient PPE for all Lead Teachers and participants
  • Other equipment as required for the specific course(s) that may include:
    • FSS: ovens, stove-tops, various cooking items such as pots and pans and utensils
    • APB: PCR, electrophoresis, hot water baths
    • APT and MSA: various hand tools, workbenches, vices, saws, drill press
    • Be sure to refer to CI purchasing manuals for more information
  • Supplies required for the instruction of lessons for the specific course(s) - a specific list of equipment and supplies is available online in the private group on Communities of Practice.
  • Staff for logistical support to assist CASE Lead Teachers during the sessions (graduate or work study student)
  • If host institution is not post-secondary, need affiliation with supportive in-state post-secondary institution
  • Lodging for Lead Teachers and institute participants
  • Meals for Lead Teachers and institute participants
  • Transportation for Lead Teachers as needed to and from airport and each day to the institute
  • Logistical support for billing participants and receiving funds from participants - note that pre-service teacher financial transactions may be different than current in-service teachers
  • Payment of per standard institute CASE Service Fee ($8,400) or Fast Track institute CASE Service Fee ($7,000)
  • Payment of per-participant Certification Fee ($800 except for Biotech which is $900)
  • Host must guarantee a minimum enrollment of 10 participants from within the local state or region (300-mile radius)
Institute Schedule Lengths are as follows:
  • Standard schedule AFNR, ASA, ASP, and NRE are 8-day institutes
  • Fast track schedule ASA, ASP, NRE, and ESI are 5-day institutes
  • All APT, APB, FSS, and MSA are 9-day institutes
  • ARD is a hybrid institute requiring synchronous and asynchronous learning prior to a 3-4 day face-to-face institute; varying timeframe due to location research facility tours and other value-add components