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Chatbot Web Survey


Welcome to our web survey with the purpose to examine the usage of chatbots!

Today, it's common that companies and organizations use text-based chat robots, or chatbots. A chatbot is a software or artificial intelligence (AI) that can interact with, and assist the organization's visitors without human contact. With this web survey, we wish to contribute to increase the understanding of how chatbots work for users with disabilities. If you want us to review the implementation of chatbots on your website, please enter your contact information in the end of the web survey and we will look into if it's possible to accomplish within the project. Naturally, you can choose to stay anonymous and we are very grateful for your contribution, regardless if your organization uses a chatbot or not.

The project is run by BufDir in Norway.

This web survey will be open till the 31st of May.

Thank you for contributing!