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Scrum Sprint Wizard

Use the Scrum Sprint Wizard to Get Your Results

The Sprint is the heart of Scrum and therefore it provides a useful lens to inspect Scrum adoptions. At the individual team level, how likely are your Sprints to end with:

Potentially releasable software* demonstrated to the PO and stakeholders *This question is required.
High quality software *This question is required.
The most valuable functionality it was possible to produce at the time *This question is required.
The functionality that we forecasted to deliver at the start of the Sprint (give or take a small amount) *This question is required.
All the documentation (help, release notes, API documentation) necessary to release and support the product over time *This question is required.
Useful feedback that confirms we built the right thing or helps us course correct *This question is required.
Learning that helps the team get better over time *This question is required.
A motivated team looking forward to work on the next Sprint *This question is required.

*teams building hardware or firmware, doing research, or using Scrum on non-software should replace the word software with whatever they deliver