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MFA in Performance and Ecology at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

MFA in Performance and Ecology

Life on our planet is in trouble. We are facing a crisis so profound that we need to take urgent action.

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland passionately believes that artists are part of the creative solutions we need as our earth faces environmental catastrophe and is taking action by proposing this groundbreaking Master of Fine Arts in Performance and Ecology.

This trans-disciplinary programme is practical and project-based in its delivery. It brings together theoretical and practical discourses on performance and ecology, with trans-disciplinary art-making which is innovative and experimental in its focus. This MFA embraces and explores the development of social and ecological performance practice as an obvious, necessary and hopeful thing to do in these times.

It offers practical performance and ecology-centred skills and knowledge to apply to a diverse range of contexts and practices across the arts sector. It is delivered at RCS in Glasgow and in wilderness settings throughout Scotland via three annual,  three-week residencies and mentored online learning.
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2. Ecology is an important focus for artists in the current environmental crisis.
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3. I’m interested in the blended learning model.
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4. I am attracted to the residential nature of this course in wilderness settings.
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5. This MFA would develop my arts practice in relevant ways.
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