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A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1002 Quiz 10

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut

1. You've just installed a new video card in a user's Windows workstation. When the system is powered on, the screen is displayed in 16 colors at 640x480 resolution.

Which of the following will BEST resolve this problem?
2. You have an existing computer running Windows 10 Enterprise. You want to configure a RAID 5 array in the computer. You install three new SATA drives and then use the RAID controller integrated into the motherboard to define a RAID 5 array using them.

When you boot the computer, Windows does not show the logical RAID drive you just created. What should you do?
3. You have just installed a new video card in your friend Mark's computer. When you power on the computer, Windows automatically detects the new device and tries to locate an applicable device driver. Unfortunately, Windows cannot locate the required driver.

Which of the following would be the BEST administrative tool to fix Mark's computer?
4. To protect user data on a Windows 10 system, you've configured System Restore to automatically create restore points for the C: volume.

Given that your user profile data is stored in the default directory (C:Users), will this strategy adequately protect your users' data? (Choose TWO)
5. You have a computer that runs Windows 10. Where would you go to verify that the system has recognized the anti-malware software installed on the system?
6. You've just received an e-mail message that indicates a new serious malicious code threat is spreading across the internet. The message contains detailed information about the threat, its source code, and the damage it can inflict.

The message states that you can easily detect whether or not you have already been a victim of this threat by the presence of three files in the WindowsSystem32 folder. As a countermeasure, the message suggests that you delete these three files from your system to prevent the code from spreading further.

Based on the e-mail message, which of the following are the next BEST actions to complete? (Choose TWO)
7. Bob calls and complains that he has suddenly started getting a lot of unwanted e-mail. Which of the following is the BEST type of software to install to help solve Bob's problem?
8. A company executive has just bought a new Android mobile device. She wants you to help her make sure it is protected from malware threats.

What options are available and important to use to protect Android devices? (Choose TWO)
9. What is the purpose of an MSDS?
10. A new laptop was delivered to your home and left on the porch while you were at work. It is very cold outside, and you don't know how long it has been there. You unpack the computer. You would like to know if it is working properly.

Which of the following is the BEST action to take?
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