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2019 Survey (podcast subscribers Sine Die reboot)

Hello, Texas Tribune listener!

As The Texas Tribune grows, reader input is crucial in helping guide our work. We ask for this data to help improve our products and services, chart our progress toward strategic goals and to better understand our audience.  

Yea, but what about my personal data?

Your responses to these questions are completely optional, and will not be shared with third parties. However, if you are interested in sharing additional feedback with us, you may leave your email address at the end of this survey.  

How long will it take?

It should take you about 6 minutes to complete. You may skip any question, but please be as complete as possible. As a nonprofit newsroom, we truly count on the support and participation of readers like you — thanks for taking the time to share your valuable insights with our team.

Amanda Zamora
Chief Audience Officer 
1. Which Tribune podcast(s) do you listen to?
2. How did you discover Tribune podcasts?
3. How often do you listen to Tribune podcasts? 
4. On which device do you typically listen to Tribune podcasts? 
What kind of smartphone or mobile device do you use to listen to podcasts? 
5. Where do you typically listen to podcasts?
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6. Which of the following podcast formats do you enjoy, whether by the Tribune or other media? (check all that apply)
Please include as many as you'd like. 

I regularly read/follow The Texas Tribune through... (check as many as apply)

12. What is your primary reason for reading or subscribing to The Texas Tribune?
13. If asked, how likely would you be to recommend The Texas Tribune to a friend or colleague?  (10 extremely likely – 0 not at all)