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CIPR Energy Leadership Platform Survey

Senior leader survey - 20 questions!

Welcome to this survey of senior leaders working in communications in the energy sector.

The CIPR's Energy Leadership Platform (ELP) exists to engage on the issues that matter to the energy industry, to demonstrate the value strategic communications can bring to the sector and articulate its value as a strategic management function.

The survey is designed to deepen our understanding of the standing and operation of our profession within the energy sector, and to inform future outputs of the CIPR ELP. Please respond as comprehensively and candidly as possible to the survey questions, from your perspective as a communications professional in the sectors and geographies you work in. 

Your responses will be kept anonymous. We will ask you to provide your email address at the end in order that we know you have completed the questionnaire and can avoid sending you any further reminders. At no point will it be linked to the answers you have given and it will be used for no other purposes.

The survey consists of 20 questions and should only take around 20 minutes complete. You cannot progress without answering each question but, if you don't know, select the 'Not sure' option and continue to the next question.

Please use the Back / Next buttons at the bottom of the page to navigate the survey, rather than your browser's Back / Forward buttons. If at any point you would like to save your progress so that you can return to the survey at a later time, click the 'Save and continue later' link at the top of the page. This will send you an automated email (check your junk folder).

Thank you for contributing to this important project!