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RHCSA OpenStack Practice Quiz: EX210 Quiz 1

RHCSA OpenStack Practice Quiz: EX210 Quiz 1 (10 Questions)

1. Which service is designed for downloading images in order to launch instances as required, and providing virtual machines on demand?
2. Which of the below is NOT a type of meter defined in ceilometers?
3. After a packstack default installation, connections to Heat were unable to find the service. How would you solve this issue?
4. Which of the following is NOT a component of the Orchestration service?
5. Which of the below OpenvSwitch configuration type is used for the “all-in-one” installation by packstack?
6. Block storage functionality is provided in OpenStack by three separate services collectively referred to as the block storage service or Cinder. Which of the following is NOT a block storage service?
7. Which of the following is used to host replicas and ensure that each replica of a given object can be stored separately?
8. Which command enables you to display information for the account, container, and object in the object storage?
9. How do you troubleshoot an instance that boots slowly, or does not boot at all?

10. When running the command “keystone-manage pki_setup”, you see the below error:


What is the cause of the problem?