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ISTQB Practice Quiz: Agile Tester (CTFL-AT) Quiz 2

ISTQB Practice Quiz: Agile Tester (CTFL-AT) Quiz 2 (10 Questions)

1. Which of the following is a reasonable expectation for a test case during its life?
2. When should automated acceptance tests be run?
3. Which of the following is a tester skill that is more important in an Agile environment than in a sequential lifecycle environment?
4. What is an important job for the Agile tester during the release and iteration planning sessions?
5. If an Agile team is using testing tools such as a test management tool, who is responsible for ensuring the proper use of the tool?
6. If the developer adds a test that captures his concept of the desired functionality of the code and then develops the code to pass that test, what type of development is being done?
7. If it is particularly important for the business users to understand the tests that are being used to verify the proper implementation of the code, what type of development framework should be used?
8. In the test pyramid, which level has the largest number of tests?
9. Which testing quadrant is associated with user acceptance tests?
10. Which quadrant is primarily associated with supporting the developers?