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Politics and Drivers 2019

FairFuelUK Political Survey

Dear Road User and FairFuelUK Friend,

We really need you to take part in a very quick tick box survey, asking what’s the best political party and who are the politicians that are likely to be supportive to UK drivers.

With the unexpected European poll and even a General Election likely, this is your opportunity to get yours and other road users’ opinions across to the inevitable new decision makers that will be in Parliament.

The new Prime Minister will change the Cabinet posts, so we need to be ready to present to this new guard. We have no idea which political party we’ll be lobbying in the next few years. So, your view is vital to help us influence any new and existing MPs to back our majority common sense road transport proposals.

Existing MPs are extremely restless, nervous and looking for mainstream issues they can get behind, to influence you and their local constituents to back them again. That’s why we need your opinion to collate and put in front of our Government and the new administration.

UK drivers are indeed facing many issues. There’s the cost of motoring, the climate change blame game, air quality taxes, ULEZs, £100bn of HS2 spend, traffic congestion, pot-holed infested roads, mediocre rural public transport choices and that little matter overshadowing our lives, Brexit.

All these issues will continue to impact on motorists, motorcyclists, van drivers and truckers for the foreseeable future. Your views will make a difference.

AND without your help we’d have not had fuel duty freezes for 9 years. These were achieved almost entirely due to millions of FairFuelUK supporters’ efforts backing the campaign. FairFuelUK is highly respected and supported in the House of Commons.

With the current volatility and uncertainty in this political landscape, campaigning on behalf of our 1.7m supporters and UK’s 37m drivers remains highly difficult and very work intensive. We simply cannot maintain any influence in Westminster without your continuing help. You are so crucial to keeping fuel duty frozen. But rest assured, we are still fighting to get a real cut in duty, setting up a PumpWatch pricing watchdog and to get ULEZs scrapped and be replaced by fairer non punitive ways to lower vehicle emissions.

By completing our latest survey and passing on its link to all you know will definitely make our job easier in Westminster and the National Media. 
Thanks for taking part, we promise you, it WILL make a huge difference

Many many thanks

Howard Cox and Quentin Willson

FairFuelUK Campaign
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The survey link is :

Privacy Policy: The information you supply in this survey is required to create a consolidated analysis from as many responses in the UK as possible. None of your personal information collected here is displayed to or passed onto third parties. That is guaranteed.  Rest assured, after all your answers are analysed, your personal identification data in the response is permanently deleted.  The final analyses of all responses generated from this survey will be published ASAP in an in-depth report, and sent to targeted national media, every MP and relevant Ministers. Your input into this survey will add to and help convey accurately as to where public opinion is, on these key issues.