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2019 HUD CoC New Project Application

New Project Application Introduction and Instructions

Chicago Continuum of Care
New Project Application
FY2019 HUD CoC Program

Due August 5, 2019 at 4:00 PM

This announcement serves as the invitation for agencies to submit a full New Project Application for funding for a new or expansion permanent housing project as part of the FY2019 HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) Homeless Assistance Grant Program. The selected projects will be those which broaden the Chicago CoC’s homeless service delivery system, strengthen its Coordinated Entry system, and improve its Homeless Management Information System (HMIS).

After the Project Prioritization work group (PPWG) completes a review of the application, projects  may be selected by the PPWG  a Panel Presentation on August 12, 2019.

New Project submissions must align with the details submitted through the first phase of the process.  All New Project Applications must meet HUD criteria, as outlined in the FY 2019 Continuum of Care Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA).


The objective of the Chicago Continuum is to fund housing projects that help meet the goals of Chicago’s Plan 2.0: A Home for Everyone. Funding for these projects is provided through the HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) Homeless Assistance Grant Programs (under the HEARTH Act). Selection by the Project Prioritization work group does not guarantee funding as funding is contingent on availability.

The CoC Board of Directors adopted the following system goals, which were developed by System Performance and Evaluation Committee(SPEC), to guide the work and priorities in 2019 and beyond.  The 2019 Chicago CoC System Goals are as follows:

  • Reduce the number of person who are homeless and are in the homeless system (One List), overall and for identified populations.
  • Reduce the time persons remain homeless.
  • Homeless dedicated units should all be filled utilizing the coordinated entry system (CES).
  • Increase the earned income and/or income of adults served in the homeless services system.
  • Increase persons who exit street homelessness to enter sheltered destination (ES, SH, TH, PH)

New project should contribute to the attainment of these goals and benefit the CoC system as a whole.

At this time the CoC through the local evaluation instrument process is currently determining the amount of reallocation funding.  This funding can be utilized to develop new or expansion projects of the types listed below.  Please note that CES and HMIS project applications will have a different form.  As of the release of this application, the FY 2019 NOFA has not been released but bonus project funding has typically been approximately 6% of the Annual Renewal Demand (ARD). However, the ARD has also not yet been confirmed by HUD but we approximate the bonus project funding will be around $4 million. In addition, HUD anticipates providing bonus funding for domestic violence projects but the amount is not known as of the date of this application. In FY2018 for the Chicago CoC the amount of DV bonus funding was $5 million. 

The Project Prioritization Work Group (PPWG) has set the following funding priorities for this year's cycle based on the community's current goals and system needs as developed by the Pipeline Expansion work group:

  • At least 70% of new units should be Rapid Re-Housing
    • RRH or joint TH-RH models
    • youth-focused projects (at least 10%)
    • expand existing projects
    • serving both individuals and families
  • At most, 30% of new units should be Permanent Supportive Housing for Single Individuals, with a majority being through expansion of existing projects.
  • Domestic Violence Bonus Funding will be available per the NOFA. HUD has indicated that this Bonus Funding will be available as a part of the FY 2019 NOFA.

Application Submission Instructions

Organizations must complete the New Project Application and all applicable attachments to apply for funding for a new or expansion project. One project application per project per invitation can be submitted per organization.

All New Project Applications must be submitted online via SurveyGizmo by 4:00 PM on Monday August 4, 2019.  New Project Applications submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed or considered. After completing the New Project Application in SurveyGizmo, you will receive a confirmation email. If you encounter issues while using SurveyGizmo, or do not receive the confirmation email, please contact Max Burns at or 312-379-0301 x149.

Contact Information

Questions may be directed to the All Chicago CoC Program Team at or

Dave Thomas 312-379-0301 x112
Karen Kowal 312-379-0301  x143
Max Burns 312-379-0301 x149

Additional Information

Project Prioritization Work Group
All applications for the new projects will be reviewed by the Project Prioritization Work Group, which is established by the Chicago Continuum of Care Board of Directors. The PPWG is comprised of the following members:

  • Ann Bihrle, Mercy Housing Lakefront
  • Adriana Camarda, Chicago Department of Family and Support Services
  • Sharon Cargile, Lived Experience Commission (LEC)
  • Fred Friedman, Lived Experience Commission (LEC)
  • Jenny Hansen, United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
  • Jackie Lorens Harris, Chicago Lights
  • Rosemary Mendez, Thresholds
  • Emily Metz, Urban Labs,
  • Khen Nickele, Community Member,
  • Millicent Ntiamoah, Catholic Charities
  • Chris O’Hara, Lived Experience Commission (LEC)
  • Rachel Reichlin, Michael Reese Health Trust
  • Shannon Stewart, Inspiration Corporation
  • Gwendolyn Turner, Lived Experience Commission (LEC)
  • Renita White, Community Member

The PPWG will be responsible for applicant reviews and selection at each stage of the process. In alignment with the Chicago CoC Governance Charter, no member of the Project Prioritization work group, or their agency, will have a new project application pending for the 2019 HUD application process. Work group members who are volunteers or board (or advisory board) members of an agency applying for funding will recuse themselves from the decision-making process for that agency.  All Chicago staff supporting the PPWG, will recuse themselves from the decision-making process should All Chicago submit an application.