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TPPs for antimicrobial stewardship for gonococcal infection: public consultation


Target Product Profiles for improved antimicrobial stewardship for gonococcal infection 

Feedback Survey - Public Consultation

June 2019

To effectively combat the emerging public health threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) for Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG), the WHO is partnering with FIND to develop two new Target Product Profiles (TPPs).
  1. A rapid, low-cost diagnostic to distinguish gonorrhoea from Chlamydia infection at primary care (NG/CT TPP): The intended use of this first TPP is for improved patient care as a minimal requirement and optimally includes case screening.
  2. A comprehensive test to distinguish gonorrhoea from Chlamydia infection and identify susceptibility/resistance to antibiotics to treat gonococcal infection (Comprehensive test TPP): The intended use is to define a test to determine antibiotic resistance of NG to guide prescription of current therapies and facilitate antibiotic stewardship.
The purpose of this survey is to collect expert input on the NG/CT TPP and the Comprehensive test TPP to arrive at consensus driven TPPs through a public consultation. The TPPs included in this survey are a result of two serial dephi surveys and an in-person consensus meeting with a group of experts hosted jointly by WHO and FIND on 5-6th of March. Characteristics were discussed and revised based on survey feedback and opinions of the technical working group members. This is the final stage of feedback solicitation before the TPPs will be finalized.