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2020 Monarch Butterfly Scholarship Grant Application Form

1. Are you available to travel to Mexico from January 5-10, 2020? *This question is required.
2. Full Name *This question is required.
This question requires a valid email address.
Format: xxx-xxx-xxxx
5. Home Address
7. Where are you currently an environmental educator? *This question is required.
Please limit all written responses to a maximum of 200 words each.
16. Upload a short video showing why you should be awarded a Monarch Butterfly Scholarship Grant from Natural Habitat Adventures (get creative!).
2 minutes maximum
50 MB (megabytes) maximum
.mov, .mp3, .mp4 and .wav files are all acceptable video file formats
If your video file size exceeds 50 MB, please provide a link to your video.
18. If you are awarded the scholarship grant, you agree to the following conditions after you complete the trip:  
  • Share your best photos and videos from your trip, along with written blog post describing your experience, for use in Nat Hab’s promotional materials;
  • Use your professional and/or personal social media presence to share and post videos and photos from your trip (using specific hashtags provided by Nat Hab and WWF, and tagging both organizations’ accounts);
    • Give WWF and Nat Hab permission to share those social media posts;
  • Submit a written blog post, video diary, or PowerPoint presentation to be shared on the WWF Wild Classroom web page, describing the value of the experience and how you are incorporating what you learned into your lessons with your students.
*This question is required.
By submitting this application form, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined on the Official Rules page for the 2020 Monarch Butterfly Scholarship Grant.