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DERA RFI Survey Questions

This Request for Information (RFI) seeks to develop DERA projects. The Department is requesting input from individuals or entities interested in replacing eligible diesel engines with eligible more efficient diesel vehicles. Failure to complete and submit a completed RFI does not preclude interested entities from participating in this program; however, the data provided will help determine the scope of available funding and timing of projects.

If you are not a government or nongovernment entity interested in receiving funding under DERA, please send comments regarding DEMP to

Before completing the RFI survey, please read through the requirements for the eligible DERA projects on the Department’s DEMP webpage

Bus replacements are eligible under DERA, however, the Department has a separate RFI for bus projects. to complete a Bus Replacement RFI, visit The School, Transit, and Shuttle Bus RFI page. The Department will focus on funding bus projects through the dedicated bus initiative before funding bus projects through the DERA program.

EPA Diesel Engine Tier Reference Guide

This diesel engine tier guide is used to determine what tier the engine to be replaced is as well as the new replacement engine. Before starting this RFI Survey, please identify which tier the engine(s) you wish to replace are to accurately provide the Department with engine-specific and/or unit-specific information.