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BEWS Energy and Water Scoring Exemption Request

Please complete the following form by selecting the applicable exemption below and submitting the required documentation to Separate exemption request is required for each building covered by the Building Energy and Water Scoring requirements.

Staff will review exemptions for the following program year that are submitted by September 1 and respond to inquiries no later than 90 days after reviewing.

For more information visit:

Questions can be submitted to our helpdesk at or 970-416-2733

Owners requesting exemptions must fill out and submit the Exemption Request annually with all required supporting documentation for that exemption. The City may request additional documentation during the review beyond what is outlined by the program website.
This question requires a valid email address.
5. I am requesting an exemption from Benchmarking and Reporting requirements outlined by the Building Energy and Water Scoring Ordinance Sec. 12-203. *This question is required.Please select all that apply.
6. Please provide supporting documentation. Examples include, but are not limited to:

CAD drawings;
Architectural drawings;
Real Estate documents;
Photo documentation;
Business License;
Permit documents;
Bank documents. *This question is required.