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2019 Cellar Door Survey

Wine Tasmania is seeking input from cellar door operators to find out a little more about your business and how we may be able to assist grow your cellar door and direct sales. We are also looking to obtain some baseline data on cellar door visitation, which we will continue to measure over coming years. 

Selling your wine directly to your end customer allows you to build relationships and loyalty, as well as ensure you retain the full margin! It is a valuable channel for every wine business, regardless of size, and a focus of Wine Tasmania to help its member businesses.

Three half-day cellar door workshops are being held in July as part of this focus - 15 July in the North, 16 July on the East Coast and 17 July in the South.

We have access to Tourism Tasmania's visitor statistics, which show that around 300,000 interstate and international visitors call in to our cellar doors each year, but we don't have details on locals or intrastate visitation. This survey is part of obtaining a more complete picture on cellar door visitation as well as helping to input their overall wine tourism experience and maximise this important channel.

Please get in touch with any questions - (03) 6223 3770 or
2. How important is your cellar door as part of your overall business?
Not important
Of some importance
Very important
3. Thinking about your overall sales within the twelve months from 1 June 2018 to 31 May 2019, approximately what percentage of your total sales (including wholesale) can be allocated to each of the following channels:
4. Thinking about the next 12 months (2019/2020), would you like to see a change in the percentage of your current sales through your cellar door?
5. Thinking only about the past 12 months (from 1 June 2018 to 31 May 2019), approximately how many visitors on average do you have to your cellar door each week during:
This question requires a valid percent format.
7. Thinking about the origin of these international visitors to your cellar door, please list the top 5 countries/regions of origin and an approximate percentage breakdown?

(For example: ABC Vineyard had 100 international visitors through their cellar door during the past 12 months. The top 5 countries/regions of origin for these visitors, ranked in order, were: New Zealand - 40%, China (mainland) - 25%, Hong Kong 15%, UK - 12%, US - 8%). 
Space Cell Country/RegionPercentage
This question requires a valid percent format.
8. Where did these interstate visitors to your cellar door come from? Alongside each state, please supply an approximate percentage.
This question requires a valid currency format.
This question requires a valid currency format.
12. Do you charge for tastings?
13. Do you offer cellar door exclusive wines or specials?
14. Do you offer anything other than wine tastings/wine sales at your cellar door? 
16. Do you currently capture any details of cellar door visitors/purchasers of wine?
17. Do you have a wine club (or similar)?
This question requires a valid number format.
18. Do you keep in touch with people after they have visited your cellar door? 
19. If so, how do you keep in touch (newsletter, social media, other)?