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2020 Salon Today 200

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The 23rd Annual SALON TODAY 200

The competition that was built on salon growth now stretches beyond it to examine all the best management practices that contribute to salon success.

This application might seem daunting, but remember, there are 11 competition categories, and you can compete in as few or as many categories as you want. It’s up to you to design your ST200 experience.
This year’s categories include: Growth, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Education, Salon Culture, Retention & Referral Programs, Customer Service, Philanthropy, Salon Leadership, Technology, Retail & Merchandising and Profit Center. 

ALL SALONS MUST COMPLETE THE APPLICANT INFORMATION SECTION. THEN, EACH APPLICANT MUST COMPLETE AT LEAST ONE OF THE BEST PRACTICE SECTIONS. You may though, compete in as many Best Practice sections as you want. All essay responses should be typed on a separate page and clearly marked with the Best Practice category, salon name and your city and state.

SALON TODAY 200 Processing Fee: If you enter using the online system the processing fee is $75 and you can pay by credit card when you submit your application. If you chose to download the application, fill it out, then mail it in, the application fee is $125, which helps us cover additional data entry and processing costs. Please make check payable to SALON TODAY Magazine and send with your completed application to Joyce Alverio, c/o SALON TODAY, 2150 E. Lake Cook Road, Suite 500, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089. Applications are due August 30, 2019!

The SALON TODAY 200 will be published in the January/February 2020 issue and posted online in December 2019. Good luck!

Eligibility & Criteria

  1. Your salon opened on or before January 1, 2017.
  2. Your salon has generated annual service and product sales revenues of at least $250,000 per year since 2017.
  3. Your business is primarily a provider of professional salon services, including, but not limited to,one or more of the following: hair care, nail care, skin care, body care and spa treatments.
  4. You completely fill out the Applicant Information portion of this form.
  5. You completely fill out at least one Best Practice section (sections marked A-K). You may choose to fill out as many as you think you qualify for.
  6. If you enter the Growth portion of the competition (Section A), you will also need to provide documentation to verify financials for 2017 and 2018.
  7. You pay the non-refundable $125 processing fee for the mail-in application, or $75 for the online application.
  8. You sign and date the Owner Statement.

To qualify for Growth, (Section A) portion of the SALON TODAY 200, you must include verification of gross revenues excerpted from your business’s 2017 and 2018 tax forms. Copies of a single page will suffice. For example if your salon is set up as a corporation, include the pages from your 1120 tax forms showing your gross revenues. Financial documentation is only used for verifying revenue and calculating revenue growth, if applicable.

All entries MUST BE COMPLETED no later than Friday, August 30, 2019. 
*Your mobile number will be held strictly confidential, and will only be used to verify information on your application, or to contact you about stories in Salon Today.
*We communicate ST200 news through email. Please use an address that is frequently checked. This question requires a valid email address.
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If yes, have you been named a Salon Today 200 before?