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Psychometric Society

Psychometric Society – Website Survey

The Psychometric Society is redesigning its website ( and we want your input. Please answer the following questions to help us understand how this redesign can meet your needs. You don’t have to answer all the questions. It should only take about 5 minutes of your time. Thanks!

1. Which describes you? (Select all that apply)
2. What social media platforms do you use regularly? (Select all that apply)
3. How often do you visit the Psychometric Society website (
4. When you visit the website, how easy is it to find what you need?
5. Please rate the importance of the following objectives on the new website - one star (least value) to five stars (most value)
Space Cell Rate Importance
Help visitors learn about the field of psychometrics
Learn about who the Psychometric Society is and why potential members should join (mission, vision, history, benefits of membership, etc.)
Access the member directory
Access the Psychometrika publication
Write a book review for Psychometrika
Access member news and updates
Discover upcoming conferences and key conference details
Discover career opportunities
View Psychometric Society awards and make nominations
Take part in the elections organized by the Psychometric Society
Join a special purpose committee of the Psychometric Society
Find the right person to contact with questions