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Red Oak Area Residential Survey

Thank You For Your Input!

The purpose of this survey is to learn about how you are using broadband services (internet, pay TV, telephone) today at home, to measure your level of satisfaction with current providers, and to gauge interest in bringing new fiber optic broadband services to the area.

The survey takes only a few minutes to complete, and your feedback is very important in helping find ways to bring better service to Red Oak and rural areas of western Montgomery County.

Please limit yourself to one survey response per person.

Your individual answers are anonymous and confidential, so please answer as honestly and thoroughly as possible.  Thank you in advance for your input!
Instructions: Answer each question to the best of your ability. When you have reached the end of the page, click the "Next" button on the survey. If you would like to return to a previous page of the survey, click the "Back" button.

Do NOT click the back button on your web browser!
1. Do you live in study area, meaning within the City of Red Oak or in the rural areas of the 712-623 phone exchange (see map below)?
2. What broadband services do you currently subscribe to at home? (Check all that apply) *This question is required.