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YES International Service Grant Application

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The ASCRS Foundation is excited to announce a new international opportunity for our Young Eye Surgeons:  The YES International Service Grant. The purpose of this grant is to inspire and equip young eye surgeons to become involved with global eye care on a long term basis.  The primary focus is for grantees to work with local community eye care programs, teaching institutions, and health care systems abroad.  Awardees will be able to work with us and our international partners (HCP, ORBIS, SEVA, etc) to customize their international experience. 

This application is open to ASCRS members who are third year residents, fellows, or members in their first five years of practice. This ASCRS Foundation grant will cover 2-4 weeks of travel expenses, room & board, and administrative costs of the international trip. This trip must be completed in 2020. Grantees will be expected to attend the 2020 and 2021 ASCRS meetings and will receive complementary registration, as long as they remain ASCRS members in good standing. Awardees will be required to share their stories and accomplishments in any one of a variety of ways.
Contact Information