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Salem Downtown Alley Naming

Salem Downtown Alley Names

Salem Downtown Alley Names
The Salem Main Street Association needs your help naming Salem's alleys!

The Association will be taking suggestions from June 14th to July 12th.

Be sure to check out the history report linked here if you want to know more about the suggested names. 

If you are going to suggest a name, please remember the criteria:
  • Names that reflect local historic or cultural significance, (i.e. A significant
    building or person which had a strong influence on the development of
    the area during the historic period).
  • The historical common name used for the alley. (i.e. Typically referencing
    a physically defining feature within the alley evident during the historic
    period; or a name reflecting the historic use of the alley; or the name of a
    historic geographic area within the vicinity of the current alley).
  • For the purposes of naming alleys “historic period” will be defined as
    1950 or earlier.
If you have a suggestion for an alley name, please detail how it meets the criteria to be considered one of the potential alley names.